In addition to the bird species, a large variety of Butterflies can be seen around the Resort. In recent years a number of host and food plants have been planted to attract different species. Australia's two most spectacular butterflies can be seen around the Resort at certain times of the Year. Of the two, the Ulysses or Mountain Blue is the more common. This large butterfly can not be missed, as the upperwings are a brilliant electric blue. It flies so rapidly that often, all you see is a blue flash.

The second one is the Cairns Birdwing and is Australia's largest Butterfly. This species is much less common, usually seen only in some of the warmer months of the year. The female Birdwing is much larger than the male and is mainly black, yellow and red. The male is a beautiful combination of metallic green and black, which rivals the blue of the Ulysses.

The birdwing is much slower flying that the Ulysses, if you see either of these it is an unforgettable experience.

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